Idream- Carlo

Dear Tissy,
When I finally got home, I unpacked my head and saw my black face surfacing from the wrapping ah, I felt I could
breathe again. I inspected it carefully, fearing even the most minuscule crack. The head, thank God, was perfect and
as I later found out in much better shape than mine.
    While realizing this simple truth, it came to me that the real damage I should worry about is in my head, and
not in the one who is now watching me, almost with a sarcastic smile as if to say: "dude, you are the messed up one". At
this point another thought surfaced like a bubble: with time I will grow older, and greyer, and more absent-minded and
this head will always look back at me with the same grin, the same jumbo-nose, the same dense, curly hair (a generous
add-on by the artist) as a memento mori, a monument to timeless lightness, to younger and better times, to the face I
had that summer, just before getting married in Scotland.
    The head will remind me of lying beneath the sun on a wooden table; weird creatures from another planet laughing
through the straws in my nostrils. The head will bring me back to that feeling of wet and fresh Vaseline spread like jam
on my face by gentle hands, suddenly followed by a liquid blanket of plaster weighing on my face like a rehearsal of a
curious death. In that pause of darkness I enjoyed the warmth of that solidifying imprint, the hollow cup that would
eventually be filled up by my face.
    Positive- negative, face to face with myself and many other thoughts, down to a subatomic level. The sculpture,
completed by a irreverent and fastidiously arrogant hand, pointing at the sky as if to underline the inconsistent remark
in thin air as a matter of fact! is more than a gift. Its a piece of my soul linking to yours, its a part of my body in a more
stable, reassuring material. Its a pivot, a standpoint, a tombstone, a head-balloon, a piece of art. Its something that makes
me smile, a crystallized flesh (my flesh!) which turned to stone like in the most classic tradition of a metamorphic myth:
    Thank you for this wonderful present. Im sure you, Kirsty, have a paved road towards recognition and success. Keep
going with your art of creating people out of mud like a terrestial Goddess!
Carlo Muttoni
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