Idream- Carol McGregor

    Carol had a very interesting experience during the face casting process which was
purposely recorded for this art concept. While she was being cast, she explained as she lay
in a meditative state, that she saw a dove flying up and around her. Carol visualised quartz
crystals forming around her neck and head in a variety of different colours. She explains
them changing shape - transforming from quartz to doves wings and beyond. She visualises
her face as white. Carol is calm and peaceful.

    My understanding of Carolís experience leads me into creating an interpretation of
movement of birds wings which are warped around her face, whilst conveying a spiritually-
confident, wise lady. Finally, a crackle glaze was applied which tied the experience of the
crystals together, giving the piece its additional elegance.

    The sculpture captures Carolís powerful and spiritual dream-like experience which now
lives on. Carol was delighted with the sculpture of herself and of the experience she

    IDream works intimately with the subject, to interactively create the artwork with the artist.
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